Unibinder 8.4


Designed for heavy users, UniBinder 8.4 allows you to bind up to 16 documents at the same time on 4 heating compartments. The latest addition to the UniBind product range is an ideal choice for offices and organisations of any sizes to create professional-looking presentations in two easy steps.

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•    UniBinder 8.4 can bind up to 16 documents at the same time
•    Simultaneous binding on four heating elements
•    Binds up to 340 sheets
•    Economical: no warm-up time needed

Easy to use
•    Your work is done in 2 easy steps
•    User-friendly
•    Bind automatically after detection of the steel spine

•    Super-strong permanent bond
•    Enables the quick and easy editing of documents
•    High efficiency: idea for heavy users

•    Always ready to use
•    Maintenance-free

•    480 x 295 x 390 mm
•    4 binding compartments
•    1 cooling compartment
•    Weight: 7 kg
•    220-240 V~50 Hz
•    4 x 175 W
•    CE certified


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