Thermal Binding Machine 8.2


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The state-of-the-art Thermal Binding Machine 8.2 binds documents professionally, in a matter of seconds. The binding system is very easy to use and can bind, crimp and cool documents of 1 – 340 sheets. The automatic crimping function ensures your cover’s spine seamlessly fits your document.

Technical info:

This binding system can bind up to 8 documents simultaneously
Binds and crimps up to 340 sheets
Economical, as no warm-up time required
Safe and user-friendly
Bind in 3 simple steps
Fully automated
Quality guaranteed
Ultra strong permanent bond
The crimping process embeds the paper deeper into the resin, guaranteeing enhanced binding quality.
Edit documents quickly and easily
Always ready to use


480 x 310 x 380 mm
11,450 kg
2 binding compartments
1 crimping compartment
2 cooling compartments
220-240 V~50 Hz 120 V~60 Hz
2 x 175 W
KEMA certified

Additional information

Weight 12.0000 kg
Dimensions 30.0000 × 50.0000 × 50.0000 cm


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